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self-serving / корыстный
имя прилагательное
having concern for one's own welfare and interests before those of others.
public accountability is replaced by self-serving propaganda
имя существительное
concern for oneself before others.
The most frustrating part of the debate is the obvious self-serving of some of the people concerned.
Years of benign neglect on the part of her parents are followed by an intense self-serving attention that masquerades as love.
Regrettably, the debate is so laden with emotions and self-serving arguments that the facts are often overlooked.
She turns on her own staff to make a selfish, self-serving deal behind closed doors that later gets revealed.
If we act in a purely selfish, self-serving manner, then the future fruition of that action will be negative.
The union had no room for self-serving demagogues.
The public had seen ‘nothing more than a self-serving determination to protect their vested interests’.
The man's principal talent is for spinning self-serving tales.
How can you be confident of the self-serving agenda of an agent?
Of course it doesn't help that a lot of conceptual art is devoid of substance and that those cards are mostly self-serving inane twaddle, but the principle is there.
Instead, debate is often overwhelmed by superstition, folk wisdom, prejudice and self-serving agendas.