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self-seeking / рвачество
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
This excellent pair of companion volumes presents the story of how the events of the Civil War forged a community where there had previously been a disparate and self-seeking collection of individuals.
All in all, this self-seeking sojourn has been gratifying.
This is indeed regrettable, because politicians who act only in their own partisan, self-seeking interest are doing nothing other than letting their country down.
For the scientific democrats the most salient fact of American life during the Gilded Age was the spread of egoistic and self-seeking behavior.
Rather, it creates an institutional framework in which, to get ahead in their economic engagements, even people who grow up entirely self-seeking and anti-social must attend to the general social good and the well-being of others.
The union's betrayals have not merely been the product of the cowardice of a few self-seeking union leaders.
It is the mask that the politically covetous wear to hide their self-seeking agenda.
To make room for them, items such as debates about the self-seeking behavior of the Church could be made into footnotes or appendices.
Atrocities are happening all over the world due to the self-righteous, self-seeking gratification of particular groups.
Despite his predilection for this sort of self-seeking behaviour, there are many who don't want him to jump.