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self-sacrifice / самопожертвование
имя существительное
self-sacrifice, self-devotion, self-immolation, self-abnegation, self-denial, self-renunciation
имя существительное
the giving up of one's own interests or wishes in order to help others or to advance a cause.
It is about dedication and self-sacrifice to the ideal of national freedom.
The market economy invests heavily in and rewards individualism, not self-sacrifice and altruism, the lifeblood of the family.
I count some of these amongst my closest friends - people whose self-sacrifice and unselfish love of truth would do credit to any man.
If that smacks of the antiquated language of retired generals, call it altruism and self-sacrifice .
Try to break your pattern of self-sacrifice and self-sabotage, and stay on the road to good health.
In 1900 the person who displayed altruism and self-sacrifice would simply have been regarded as ‘good’.
Through self-sacrifice we must show people that service of the public is a life-building motivation.
I believe they imparted a bottom-line idea of morality derived from self-sacrifice , respect and immutable values.
All it's done is remind me that when self-sacrifice is held up as a moral ideal, whatever you give will never be enough.
ideals such as self-sacrifice and asceticism
years of sheer hard work and dedicated self-sacrifice