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self-rule / самоуправление
имя существительное
autonomy, home rule, self-rule, self-government, self-governing
The country was not any closer to even a semblance of self-rule .
If it does not include a strong component of local self-rule , it should.
A number of very different cultures have shown themselves capable of self-rule .
Americans, on the other hand, believe that democracy requires self-rule .
At various times in the twentieth century, they have also tried to attain autonomy or self-rule .
They want independence, or at least self-rule , and they almost got it after 1996.
It is far more accurate to say that what success we have seen of democratic self-rule in the ex-colonies has come about, not because of colonialism, but in spite of it.
They insist on this to protect their self-rule in three northern provinces.
The Statute of Autonomy fell short of the self-rule that Basque nationalism demanded.
Panama, though, seldom had the freedom of self-rule .