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self-restraint / самообладание, сдержанность, воздержание
имя существительное
composure, countenance, poise, temper, control, self-restraint
restraint, reserve, moderation, reticence, modesty, self-restraint
abstinence, abstention, abstaining, continence, abstinency, self-restraint
имя существительное
restraint imposed by oneself on one's own actions; self-control.
The sporting code, which had been rough and ready for most of the nineteenth century, especially in Africa, began to impose more self-restraint on hunters.
I think it is really a behavioral thing involving self-restraint .
Civil rights groups and lawyers have approached the attorney general and urged him to issue an informal warning to establish self-restraint by the print and broadcast media.
As the storm dies down, the trawlermen, all self-restraint washed away by physical exhaustion, crowd into the galley and reveal their deepest fears to the writer.
It was this temperance and self-restraint that led to Mendes being noticed in Hollywood.
Thus, one might cultivate and exercise virtues such as self-restraint for the sake of goods, such as a rich and vibrant marriage.
Compelling answers to this need for self-restraint , for delayed gratification, are in short supply.
Conservatives practice this self-restraint , which is one reason they have gotten enough moderate voters to win recent elections.
Although he has more at stake this year, his self-restraint on these matters, including the prison scandal, has not always prevailed.
Schooled in self-restraint and ideals of nobility, she maintains a dispassionate tone, and her captors' treatment of her provides insights denied to most prisoners.
True manhood involved having a strong manly character exemplified by self-control and self-restraint .