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self-reproach / самобичевание, самопорицание
имя существительное
self-flagellation, self-reproach
имя существительное
reproach or blame directed at oneself.
the bitter tears of self-reproach
Her sense of ‘regret, self-reproach and resentment’ is further intensified when she reads a newspaper report of the magnificent wedding of her former suitor.
Her reaction is a source of self-reproach to this day.
He isn't happy to find himself outside his native realm, speaking a foreign language, but his homesick longing takes the form of self-reproach .
The biblical texts are full of suffering and self-reproach and the intensity of these responsores may well amaze you.
the bitter tears of self-reproach
She looked into his face, and guilt and self-reproach dissolved, along with the memory of another face, other eyes, ones that haunted and weighed her down with unresolvable pain.
Crane refused to face him, sliding down into self-reproach .
By apologizing and taking responsibility for our actions we help rid ourselves of esteem-robbing self-reproach and guilt.
Marked self-reproach , early morning waking, and weight loss were not seen in this type of patient.
Some develop a major depression with self-reproach and survivor guilt.