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self-protection / самозащита
self defense
имя существительное
protection of oneself or itself.
It is here that government is most likely to be acting on the basis of illegitimate considerations such as self-protection , or protection of powerful private groups.
The applicants have been turned down because the owners failed to provide sufficient motivation as to why they need a firearm for self-protection .
People have been looking after each other, locked in mutual embraces of self-interest and self-protection .
If you wish to claim world leadership - which we do - you have to be willing to use your strength for something other than self-protection .
I believe that we have an inner sense of self-protection and a fierce protectiveness for our children.
Its message is not only protection of kin but self-protection .
On the contrary, for the further development of charitable causes, both individuals and organizations need to strengthen self-protection .
The second project will provide electronic warfare self-protection for a range of tactical ADF aircraft at a cost of over $250 million.
The course also covers basic self-protection .
It could be his last and only means of self-protection .
Over-preoccupation with self-protection will mean lower efficiency.