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self-propelled / самоходный, самодвижущийся
имя прилагательное
automotive, powered, self-propelled, self-propelling, self-moving
automotive, automobile, locomobile, self-propelled
имя прилагательное
moving or able to move without external propulsion or agency.
a self-propelled weapon
He is hypnotised by the reality of his own creation, and his only cause for regret is that he will never be able to experience this self-propelled phenomenon from every available angle.
The so-called missile tractors, which are all-terrain self-propelled vehicles, will be used for emergency situations, such as forest fires.
The solution was to lower harvesting costs and increase harvesting capacity with a mechanical, self-propelled pea harvester.
Motor vehicles began to replace the horse in the early 20th century and self-propelled artillery became common during WW II.
Tank destroyer weapons could be either towed or self-propelled .
They have proved adept at using self-propelled anti-aircraft guns such as the BOV-3 in the ground role.
Included in the tank groups of close infantry support were regiments of self-propelled artillery that were to follow the attacking tanks and support them with the fire from their cannons.
Strand jacks or self-propelled modular trailers do the lifting and moving.
Having been born since the country's rail network closed in 1975, the three had never seen or ridden on a moving train, other than a self-propelled wagon.
Separate tank and self-propelled artillery gun units were attached to combined-arms armies.