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self-portrait / автопортрет
имя существительное
имя существительное
a portrait of an artist produced or created by that artist.
So notable was this presentation of self that a number of artists painted self-portraits in which they attempted to make themselves look like Rubens.
It is a self-portrait , with the artist depicted with closed eyes, and he initially appears asleep.
Does the same signifying phenomenon convey more when an artist visualizes a self-portrait ?
The sketches included a self-portrait drawn by the artist in 1937.
Smaller white spots mar a self-portrait by van Gogh and are comically misaligned with his facial features.
The painting was, after all, undertaken as a gift to send to Arles in exchange for a self-portrait by van Gogh.
I consequently started painting my logo, a stylized self-portrait based on the shape of my own skull.
This figure is usually interpreted as a self-portrait of van Eyck in the act of creating the very image before our eyes.
In a self-portrait we see the artist's chief creation, him or herself.
It also serves as a symbolic self-portrait of the artist within these systems.
Especially in light of art history's growing dread of anachronism, a subject like Renaissance self-portraiture inevitably seems trickier and more difficult than ever.