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self-motivated / самомотивирован
имя прилагательное
motivated to do or achieve something because of one's own enthusiasm or interest, without needing pressure from others.
she's a very independent, self-motivated individual
The endless debates about performance measures - which are always imperfect - remind one that there is no substitute for self-motivated and reliable teachers and researchers.
I am also highly self-motivated and organised so I started looking at using those skills.
Mr Clovis was recognized as an excellent team player, and a hard-working, self-motivated individual.
Are you self-directed, self-motivated , comfortable with computers, like to read and write, self-disciplined, independent and able to stay on task?
America's cowboy capitalism asks its worker-citizens to be hardworking, self-motivated , innovative, and, surprising as it may strike its critics, civil.
In economics, the leitmotif is rationality: it is axiomatic that individuals are self-motivated to improve upon existing circumstances.
Acting in furtherance of interests which were self-motivated and self-fashioned, he freed himself of proximate, merely fashionable, pursuits.
He was a self-motivated man who'd always give you the time of day.
The artists just need to be more daring and be self-motivated !
I am a very self-motivated person and have always had a passion for my work.