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self-medicate / самолечением
choose and take medicines oneself, rather than by prescription or on expert advice.
His condition remains stable and his symptoms are well controlled by anti-psychotic medication with which he self-medicates as prescribed.
The panel also expressed concern that many insomnia sufferers self-medicate with alcohol, despite the numerous risks involved and the clear evidence that alcohol actually has a negative overall effect on the quality of sleep.
Other studies have shown that abused women self-medicate with alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medication to alleviate the pain and anxiety of living under the constant threat of violence.
This feature alone will be helpful to the many individuals with social phobia who use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate or who experience the paralysis of depression.
Only 6 subjects sought professional help for their perceived sleep disorder and only 4 subjects elected to self-medicate .
These studies are important because patients who self-medicate with herbs need to be sure that they are getting what advertisers claim on the label.
Many of the poor either self-medicate or get whatever remedies they can from local pharmacists who are the only health care providers in some rural areas.
However, it is also possible that these persons are feeling sad or angry and are getting ready to use drugs to self-medicate .
When people are under pressure they are taught by the army to self-medicate , and that used to come in the form of alcohol.
whenever he hits a period of depression, he has a tendency to self-medicate with any pill or liquid that's in the house
On the flip side, many people self-medicate to try to ease the pain in their lives.