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self-knowledge / самопознание
имя существительное
имя существительное
understanding of oneself or one's own motives or character.
It is crucial to differentiate the phenomenon of self-awareness from discrete pieces of self-knowledge .
Paradoxically, it is often self-knowledge that destroys a Miller character.
Their privileged knowledge is agent self-knowledge , made true by being put into action.
Thank you for deepening our self-knowledge of our tombstone mentality.
We may acquire knowledge and self-knowledge from such a conversation, but neither is required to begin it.
In any lasting sense, they can only be given strength by knowledge and self-knowledge and by a sense of common humanity.
It is helpful in understanding self-knowledge to consider parallel issues regarding perceptual knowledge.
He asserted that a person with self-knowledge as well as knowledge of the opponent will win.
Can we ever come to repentance and gain genuine self-knowledge under such a burden?
This is a Lear shocked out of illusion into self-knowledge .
She portrays herself as a witness of poetry's sly seizure of the grounds of self-knowledge .