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self-interest / своекорыстие, эгоизм, корысть
имя существительное
egoism, selfishness, selfhood, individualism, self-interest, self-love
gain, profit, self-interest
имя существительное
one's personal interest or advantage, especially when pursued without regard for others.
It is a reminder of the delicate line that lies between self-interest and the national interest.
There is obviously a desire to help people, but self-interest does play a part.
This latest display of public generosity once again rebuts the myth that most people only have self-interest at heart.
A central and crucial lesson was that people had to cast off the blinkers of local self-interest .
Indonesia was again becoming an area tied together by economic advantages and self-interest .
The second way is to appeal instead to other people's self-interest .
Some are very helpful and others are motivated as much by self-interest as service.
It's not in many people's self-interest , at least those that count, to dig up the truth.
The existence of the community required that all find some measure of self-interest and self-respect.
It was hard to tell if their support was motivated by self-interest in ensuring water supply to the cities.
your self-interest is plain for all to see