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self-imposed / возложенный на самого себя
имя прилагательное
возложенный на самого себя
имя прилагательное
(of a task or circumstance) imposed on oneself, not by an external force.
he went into self-imposed exile
He then went into self-imposed exile in America but bounced back in 1984 to start a new line of luxury silk raincoats.
Exile, be it enforced or self-imposed , tends to test individual resolve.
For the last few decades he has lived in obscurity, in self-imposed exile in Italy.
Breezing through the audition process, Lemar found himself in self-imposed exile with twelve other students.
There needs to be regulation, and in some cases perhaps self-imposed boundaries are enough.
Helped by a friend's allowance, and then a substantial inheritance, they lived well in self-imposed exile in Italy.
After a self-imposed exile from tennis, one of the game's greats is back and ready to mix it with his fiercest rival.
We are thinking of self-imposed measures for use of cellphones, but they are unwanted on school and college campuses.
After several years of self-imposed exile on an ocean liner, Richie is ready to come home and face his demons, and his two siblings have the same idea.
He now lives in self-imposed exile atop an Italian mountain.