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self-importance / большое самомнение, важничанье, самомнение
имя существительное
большое самомнение
air, snootiness, importance, bighead, lug, self-importance
conceit, egotism, swelled head, bighead, self-conceit, self-importance
имя существительное
an exaggerated sense of one's own value or importance.
he was a big, blustering, opinionated cop, full of self-importance
There was a palpable sense of self-importance in much of the media's response.
To me, that smacks of an oversized sense of self-importance .
I had parents who never let me get carried away with my own sense of self-importance , and that was particularly the case with being asthmatic.
he was a big, blustering, opinionated cop, full of self-importance
Administrators tend to multiply and become inflated with their sense of self-importance .
He says he no longer has any real constituency or constituents and that this latest endeavour is all about his sense of self-importance .
One criticism that I levy at this set is the sense of self-importance the reporters sometimes have.
These strategies appeal to and then exacerbate greed and vanity to enhance the sense of self-importance .
Many of the most ingrained ‘caveman’ character instincts derive from a sense of self-importance or ego.
Having too many choices not only defeats the objective of providing each of us with a neater fit but it inflates our sense of self-importance .