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self-image / собственный воображаемый образ
имя существительное
собственный воображаемый образ
имя существительное
the idea one has of one's abilities, appearance, and personality.
sickness is an affront to one's self-image and dignity
This clarification can have profound effects on the self-image of the child.
Victor's first inkling that his self-image is suspect comes with that rejection at the pool.
The introject and the corresponding self-image of the mourner are in a constant and endless relationship.
America's classic modes of movie-making, from the western to film noir, reflect the self-image of its people.
sickness is an affront to one's self-image and dignity
Romantic relationships become just another way for them to pump up their own self-image .
poverty causes lowered self-respect and self-image
The person with a poor self-image may decide that the reason they are not the most popular person in the group is because of the shape of their nose.
I want to help her grow up with a positive self-image which isn't anything to do with the size she is or the way she looks.
If this were to occur, it could damage the seducer's self-image and lower his self-esteem.