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self-financing / самофинансирование
имя прилагательное
(of an organization or enterprise) having or generating enough income to finance itself.
A BBC profile noted that his self-financing campaign left him with few political debts.
Mr Oakes is determined that the water-based projects be self-financing .
With the hike in fees structure of self-financing colleges, the students belonging to lower economic strata will be denied their fundamental right of education.
The scheme would be self-financing in the sense that the sum of funds to be taken from the contributing States is exactly equal to the sum of funds to be given to the recipient States.
Ever since then, they have been saying it was a self-financing productivity deal.
They raise revenues, possibly enough to be self-financing .
The second topic to discuss is whether or not we expect the transition to freedom to be self-financing .
Efforts will also be made to secure financial backing although the centre will ultimately become self-financing .
They could be self-financing private or public utilities or they could be subsidized by other tax sources.
We can conclude that it is in everyone's interest for the vast majority of our kids to stay in school and mature into self-financing adults who can look after themselves.
He saved $550,000 by turning an elementary school into a self-financing preschool and day-care center.