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self-evident / самоочевидный, очевидный, не требующий доказательств
имя прилагательное
axiomatic, axiomatical, truistic, self-evident, self-explanatory, self-apparent
evident, obvious, apparent, demonstrable, visible, self-evident
не требующий доказательств
axiomatic, axiomatical, self-evident
имя прилагательное
not needing to be demonstrated or explained; obvious.
self-evident truths
The answer is self-evident : the government should think again about its policy of not increasing the top rate of tax.
It spawns more committees and more reporting of self-evident truths.
We are the weirdos in denying what everybody else takes to be a self-evident truth.
It is self-evident that if the same team work together on a regular basis there is the opportunity for learning from what has gone before.
The meaning of these expressions is not self-evident and needs explaining.
Davies used to believe the need to guard personal privacy against invasion was a self-evident truth.
In recent years, they have seen others come around to this self-evident truth.
The only properly basic propositions are those that are self-evident or incorrigible or evident to the senses.
Nowhere do I hear that the real problem, which is self-evident , is too many people for a small island.
However, it was, he claimed, self-evident that many areas of family law had no such obvious priority.