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self-doubt / неверие в собственные силы, неуверенность в себе
имя существительное
неверие в собственные силы
неуверенность в себе
diffidence, self-doubt, self-distrust
имя существительное
lack of confidence in oneself and one's abilities.
his later years were plagued by self-doubt
Instead of obediently yielding to the will of these gods, he took his destiny into his own hands, even though he remained plagued by self-doubt .
Far from being arrogant, today's doctors are diffident and afflicted by insecurity and self-doubt .
Without the crutch of music, self-doubt menaced him, and he was a reluctant public communicator.
As a bright but unremarkable working-class child, she was crippled by shyness and self-doubt .
Newspaper columnists and political talk-shows reflect a tone of self-doubt and unease about the conduct of the war to date.
Despite that, she says she is riddled with self-doubt underneath the confident exterior.
his later years were plagued by self-doubt
The accumulated rage, hurt and self-doubt become so entrenched that even teens from loving homes may never recover.
Spurling tells of a life plagued by desperation, self-doubt and nervous anguish, which required an assuaging art of calm.
I forgive the original causes of my self-doubt and self-deception, including my family.