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self-directed / самонаводящийся
имя прилагательное
homing, self-directed
имя прилагательное
(of an emotion, statement, or activity) directed at oneself.
she grimaces with a bitter self-directed humor
The benefits of a self-directed team were realized when the initial test efforts identified some hardware flaws.
They are self-directed and exude a higher level of self-esteem than others.
This kit contains a self-directed learning manual plus a trainer's manual and video.
It will take them some practice, some experience, and some mentoring and coaching from older students and teachers, to thrive as self-directed students.
As a result, behavioral and motivational difficulties are creating unprecedented classroom management problems for teachers who are more accustomed to teaching older, self-directed adults.
Allowing the student to access supplemental information promotes greater understanding of the therapeutic area and supports the development of self-directed learning.
These fathers are overworked, but their jobs offer them flexibility in scheduling and self-directed tasks that allow - even invite - father involvement.
This involved a significant and unreasonable time commitment for the instructor and was less congruent with principles of self-directed learning
Each chapter includes numerous self-directed study activities that reinforce both active and passive learning.
They were totally self-directed and had a vision not only of the production but of the bigger picture of what it meant for their lives.