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self-delusion / самообман
имя существительное
self-deceit, self-deception, self-delusion
имя существительное
the action of deluding oneself; failure to recognize reality.
he retreats into a world of fantasy and self-delusion
We seem to have a genetic capacity for self-delusion , Wright says.
he retreats into a world of fantasy and self-delusion
This atrocity exposes the wilful self-delusion of western liberals who want to believe that humanity is essentially good
My theory is that many chiefs are victims of self-delusion , their own double-speak.
There is no end to the Government's capacity for self-delusion .
That level of ‘disassembly’ requires a very high degree of self-delusion .
His self-delusion is so complete he regards this as a principle, instead of a symptom of his own narcissism.
Part of it is self-delusion , part of it is an act.
These, and other gems of paranoia and self-delusion will no doubt surface over the next month.
To normal, healthy people the prideful self-delusion is obvious.