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self-deceiving / самообман
имя прилагательное
allowing oneself to believe that a false or unvalidated feeling, idea, or situation is true.
I prefer my cynicism to your self-deceiving optimism
That isn't an unrealistic or grandiose, self-deceiving thought.
These patients are willing to have their initial, often self-deceiving explanations challenged and to allow the subtext of their destructive act to be interpreted to them.
They both realize that when people are at their lowest, any action, no matter how dire or self-deceiving , can appear logical.
This might be the most melancholy and self-deceiving song I've ever heard and I adored it when I was a teenager.
Science is always under siege by charlatans, and theories of gravity are among the most attractive to con artists and self-deceiving megalomaniacs.
I try to see through people who are deceiving or who are self-deceiving .
They were revealed to have been passive, mediocre, fearful, hateful, deceitful, and self-deceiving .
I remembered all the useless, self-deceiving and sometimes dangerous devices I used in my attempts to stop.
Rational discussion of such possibilities is not helped by the habitual blurting out of allegations against an incumbent government in deliberate or self-deceiving service to partisan loyalties.
Similarly, people who have already achieved great things, and don't need to try much harder, may be the most rampant self-deceivers .