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self-critical / самокритичный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
critical of oneself, one's abilities, or one's actions in a self-aware or unduly disapproving manner.
she felt miserably self-critical for her reluctance to go
Reading back on that makes the self-critical side of me want to beat myself up with a metal rod.
He is shy, obsessive, self-critical to the point of parody, and liable to spontaneously combust when confronted by anyone who fails to meet his standards.
A more self-critical person than me is difficult to imagine.
What the ‘hero’ discovers is that everyone recites the same self-critical , damaging internal monologue in which they excoriate themselves for their inadequacies.
He could not have done more, except score, and being as self-critical as he is, he might reflect on his one chance and chastise himself again.
To be self-critical for a moment, I think it's a bit blurry.
Most languages have some self-critical locution, usually a wordplay or neologism, to indicate typical national defects.
The passive-negative techniques can be said to identify a pessimistic, anxious, passive and self-critical stance, according to the authors of the study.
Notice if your body talk is negative, self-critical , objective or neutral.
You could say we are hard on ourselves and self-critical .