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self-correcting / самокорректирующийся, саморегулирующийся
имя прилагательное
self-regulating, self-correcting
имя прилагательное
correcting oneself or itself without external help.
the scientific process is self-correcting
Markets have self-correcting mechanisms and incentives can lead participants to adopt efficient procedures and develop superior substitute products.
Democracy is a self-correcting form of government and it will be a while before the various systems correct themselves and become efficient.
Accounting firms are required to resist this pressure by the process of the self-correcting market.
European officials, however, tend to be more confident about their ability to predict, based on theory, likely effects in the future and are somewhat more skeptical of the self-correcting nature of markets.
The point is the system, which is self-correcting .
Our system of government is one of checks and balances, of self-correcting and automatic repair mechanisms, all carefully constructed through some two thousand years of history.
Because students in such a system could attend the schools of their choice, they would create a self-correcting market.
On the positive side, it has paved the way for the universal aspiration for democracy as the only form of acceptable government because of its vital self-correcting capacity.
In the short-term, excess wage inflation acts as a self-correcting mechanism to stop bubbles: as workers become too expensive, companies stop hiring.
The self-correcting machinery of science corroborates provisional facts, and life itself provides the template for provisional purpose.