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self-assembly / самосборка
имя существительное
the spontaneous formation of a ribosome, virus, or other body in a medium containing the appropriate components.
the construction of an object, especially a piece of furniture, from materials sold in kit form.
self-assembly furniture
To the relief of many, the flatpack self-assembly aesthetic will be replaced by high margin, ready-assembled furniture.
When it comes to piecing together a performance, they can, at their worst, resemble a befuddled man confronted by self-assembly furniture.
The self-assembly chairs, tables and sofas fit together without screws or glue.
you can buy it as a flat-pack for self-assembly
self-assembly furniture
They are ghastly chrome and stripped pine affairs with all the atmosphere of a self-assembly wardrobe.
The substitution of tryptophan residues, therefore, does not affect actin self-assembly into filaments.
I was on the verge of buying some nice shelves, but when I saw that they were self-assembly , I got a disturbing flashback to my months in flat-pack hell.
We measure up for laminate flooring and self-assembly bookcases.
The bad news is that these stands are self-assembly with several hundred tiny screws and washers.