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self-appointed / назначивший сам себя, самозванный
имя прилагательное
назначивший сам себя
self-elected, self-appointed
имя прилагательное
having assumed a position or role without the endorsement of others.
self-appointed experts
Don't these peasants realise that their self-appointed moral arbiters have already decided what they should think?
I dealt with a lot of self-appointed experts on a range of subjects.
The representatives of the relatives or patients appear to be largely self-appointed and it is unclear how accurately they reflect the views of others.
The fashion-challenged among us will be relieved to hear that even the self-appointed commissars of style haven't got a clue.
There was a time when self-appointed wise men predicted the outcome of events, for good or ill, based on the position of the stars in the night sky.
What gives these self-appointed activists the right to try to shut down the meetings of democratically elected leaders?
It would be good to know if this is how he came across during his famous attempts to moderate American behaviour, in his self-appointed role as your best foreign friend.
I feel pity for a people who let some self-appointed cult leaders do their thinking for them.
The problem is that self-appointed statesmen cannot create a nation.
While the groups are forming, some students take charge as self-appointed leaders.