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self-adhesive / самоклеящийся
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
coated with a sticky substance; adhering without requiring moistening.
I was unsure as to what sort of self-adhesive paper was required.
The patient may remove incisional dressings, leaving self-adhesive wound approximating strips in place until they fall off, and bathe or shower the day after surgery.
Because most self-adhesive stabilizers are tear-away, they'll give good results on designs with light stitch counts, but often don't hold up on denser or longer running designs.
Her skin wore a yellow tint because of the self-adhesive disposable sterilised drape.
Students revealed they were in talks with Lakeland Limited, which is interested in selling the self-adhesive product.
Those rough and tumble, layer-upon-layer, torn advertising labels made of self-adhesive paper have become a headache for local people to eliminate.
Use self-adhesive postage stamps, instead of the ones you have to lick.
For even bigger savings, there are also some amazing offers, such as a five pack of self-adhesive floor tiles, currently on offer at six for the price of five.
Alternatively, if your sofa's legs have a square base, you could use self-adhesive felt pads, attached to the base of each leg.
Should you be modelling self-adhesive moustaches in magazine ads, if such a product existed?
Another option for trim is a self-adhesive vinyl wall base, available in 21/2 X 48 and 4 X 48 sections.