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self-actualization / самореализация
имя существительное
the realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.
Theoretically, well being is defined as maximum use of one's talents toward self-actualization within one's potential.
An independent self emphasizes values such as self-reliance, individual rights, and self-actualization .
Such developments place children at risk in a culture that already is dominated by the values of adult fulfillment and self-actualization .
Whether driven by economic necessity or self-actualization great satisfaction is derived from production.
How does one measure the degree of unconscious conflict or self-actualization ?
The clause is describing an important step in bringing the process of self-actualization to fruition.
This gets them closer to self-actualization , in Jung's sense.
They value authenticity and self-actualization .
Lastly, candidates should have a rich inner life, a capacity for self-actualization , and good interpersonal communication skills.
That form of self-actualization often ushered in a frightful realization that some of us weren't adjusting as well as others.
The key to self-actualization , though, is that it specifically involves the striving towards the development of oneself as a unique individual.