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selector / селектор, переключатель, отборщик
имя существительное
switch, selector, toggle, relay, commutator
имя существительное
a person or thing that selects something, in particular.
This is a proper off-road vehicle - it climbed steep gradients with ease, using the tiptronic manual gear selector , and descended safely without the need to touch the pedals.
The steering wheel, automatic transmission selector and handbrake are leather-wrapped and door pulls are finished in satin chrome.
The single selective mechanical trigger has a selector that is a movable segment of the safety.
With the automatic transmission the brake is applied automatically whenever the ignition key is removed, and released whenever the gear selector is moved from the ‘park’ position.
As well as the gear selector , there are three other stalks behind the steering wheel, for indicators, dipping the lights, operating the wipers/washers and the pre-selector cruise control.
Two attempts to restart the engine were made and the fuel tank selector was switched to the emergency position.
The power switch, source selector , and menu navigation pad make the base the effective control center for the monitor.
The barrel selector consists of a small rocking switch located at the rear of the triggerguard.
The instruments have been redesigned to make them easier to see in twilight and dusk and the power window switches are relocated just behind the gear selector for ease of use.
hot new selector Billy Slaughter is taking the sound of dancehall from strength to strength