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selection / выбор, отбор, подбор
имя существительное
choice, selection, option, pick, alternative, adoption
selection, screening, choice, picking, pick, draught
selection, assortment
имя существительное
the action or fact of carefully choosing someone or something as being the best or most suitable.
such men decided the selection of candidates
a process in which environmental or genetic influences determine which types of organism thrive better than others, regarded as a factor in evolution.
Positive directional selection was detected for most of the internal branches harboring an accelerated rate of evolution.
This is, of course, not by chance, but part of a careful selection of vocabulary and symbols created to contest the existential dilemma.
to make your selection
Even with a reduced number of stalls, visitors were offered a varied selection of goods, ranging from walking sticks to photograph albums, and candyfloss to doughnuts.
Dimitrova translated a selection of John Donne poems in 1999.
Each poet receives a critical and biographical appraisal and analysis, which is usually followed by a selection of their poems.
the publication of a selection of his poems
As you move your mouse over the drop down menu, each selection is highlighted.
I make Dayflower the selection for the Irish 1000 Guineas
Because of his various vineyard holdings throughout the south of France, Chapoutier is able to offer a wide selection of wines at all price levels.
Distinctive Dream is the selection in the feature race at Ripon, the £10,000 Tote Trifecta Sprint Handicap.