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select / выбирать, отбирать, подбирать
choose, select, pick, opt, elect, take
select, take away, choose, pick, cull, single out
select, pick up, pick, gather up, tuck up, assort
имя прилагательное
chosen, elect, select
select, selective, selected, choice, picked, handpicked
доступный избранным
carefully choose as being the best or most suitable.
students must select their own program
имя прилагательное
(of a group of people or things) carefully chosen from a larger number as being the best or most valuable.
he joined his select team of young Intelligence operatives
There are more select areas of Swindon where they pay nothing at all.
Punching in the code known only to a very select few, the doors opened with small hiss.
When I try to click these files, a window appears and asks me to select the appropriate file extension.
We're loyal to our favorite stars through thick and thin, but a select few never go through the thick period.
When you press down the wheel, the above menu will appear, and you can scroll to select the option you desire.
It seems only a select few are ever told about it, and even then, they have to figure out for themselves how the system works.
Potential students select from available programs, typically within their own cities or states.
At the next screen you can select the VPN option and then give it a meaningful name at the screen after that.
The first time you start, you should get a dialog box that lets you select the modem to use.
Some of Australia's most successful young leaders apply for the fellowship, but only a select few are accepted.