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seizure / захват, припадок, приступ
имя существительное
capture, grab, taking, seizure, grip, take
fit, attack, seizure, paroxysm, bout, turn
attack, fit, assault, bout, seizure, stroke
имя существительное
the action of capturing someone or something using force.
the seizure of the Assembly building
a sudden attack of illness, especially a stroke or an epileptic fit.
the patient had a seizure
the seizure of the Assembly building
She warned that police would use their power of seizure if they found under-age drinkers with alcohol brought from home.
Force protection forces must flow in early to replace seizure of ground forces.
Examples include the division of inherited property, the division of matrimonial estates, and in particular the seizure and sale of property in the course of execution.
It's the second-largest seizure of heroin this year.
No documentation was given to me setting out the grounds for the search and seizure of my property which then followed.
Municipalities could condemn an entire area if more than half of the properties within it are eligible for seizure .
The bill will also enable the police to use their powers of search and seizure to investigate immediately the sources of images discovered on the Internet.
The government has essentially placed the music industry in a siege, threatening the seizure of property without cooperation.
the seizure of the Assembly building