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seismometer / сейсмометр
имя существительное
The third houses a seismometer - a boon for the state's earthquake researchers, as it is the first to be positioned west of the San Andreas Fault.
At the local warning center a seismometer (an instrument which measures the direction and force of eruptions) will provide accurate recordings of volcanic activity.
The quake was the first major temblor to take place on land, and away from a tectonic plate boundary, since the invention of the modern seismometer in the 1880s.
Sensitive detectors called seismometers record waves emitted by the smallest earthquakes.
For three years, the seismometers recorded how seismic waves from hundreds of earthquakes worldwide bounced through the mantle.
As energy waves from the blasts travel through the ground they will be recorded by portable seismometers placed throughout the area.
Although the energy source for these incredibly hot areas has yet to be explained, New York seismometers recorded huge bursts of energy, which caused unexplained seismic ‘spikes’ at the beginning of each collapse.
Using a global network of seismometers to track the speed of earthquake waves, Ni discovered the African superplume has an unusually sharp boundary that extends nearly 900 miles above the core.
As I speak, geologists are in the field and continuing to install what will be a total of 50 seismometers .
When drilling is completed in August, the entire borehole will be encased in steel and cement so that sensitive instruments - such as seismometers , strainmeters, and fluid and temperature gauges - can be installed underground.