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segue / переход
имя существительное
transition, conversion, jump, passage, crossing, segue
go, proceed, turn, pass, transfer, segue
имя существительное
an uninterrupted transition from one piece of music or film scene to another.
Riffs on Hoagy Carmichael's ‘Georgia on My Mind’ are obvious musical cues and are used as segues throughout the film.
(in music and film) move without interruption from one song, melody, or scene to another.
allowing one song to segue into the next
allowing one song to segue into the next
allowing one song to segue into the next
An energetic andante segues quietly into the third and final movement.
There are random segues from black & white to color stock (sometimes in the same scene) that seem to exist only to remind us how visually unimaginative the film is compared to Oliver Stone's work.
As songs segued into other songs, and finally the album started over again, I realized that the scenery in my mind hadn't changed very drastically in form at any time throughout the journey.
The visual transition is one of several seamless segues .
Mining fresh musical landscapes, they segued from Broadway show tunes to musical comedy to arias by Verdi and Puccini in a sparkling cabaret revue.
As he segued into a reprise of ‘Clap Hands,’ band members burst into a cutlery percussion jam, using everything from forks to bananas as makeshift drumsticks.
They serve not only as brilliant segues within the film's narrative but also contribute to a larger purpose of imbuing the viewer with an intense, discombobulated sensation that can only be described as ‘punch drunk’.
The segues and cutaways from scene to scene make the story flow as it never quite does in any other medium.