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seep / просачиваться, проникать, протекать
soak, leak, seep, leak out, filter, percolate
permeate, penetrate, pierce, enter, infiltrate, seep
flow, pass, seep
имя существительное
leakage, seepage, seep, infiltration, percolation, dripping
(of a liquid) flow or leak slowly through porous material or small holes.
water began to seep through the soles of his boots
имя существительное
a place where petroleum or water oozes slowly out of the ground.
The stable isotope composition of the first and second stages of the worm tube carbonates is similar to that of carbonates from modern petroleum seeps .
A lone cottonwood on the plains might mark a hillside seep or a spot where the water table was within digging distance.
water began to seep through the soles of his boots
water began to seep through the soles of his boots
A popular tourist attraction at Mistley has been damaged by water seeping into the walls.
Crystal Bench is a wet meadow below a series of small seeps feeding an intermittent stream that is usually dry by August.
He knew he was bleeding by the wetness seeping down his leg, but he lacked the will to check out his injury.
So far the oil from the birds has matched, but that oil has not matched any known natural seeps or other reported incidents.
Water is said to be seeping into the basement and the foundation may well be threatened.
In seeps where the water supply is low, burros can consume the entire amounts.
Lee got irritated as she saw blood seeping out of a gash on her hand.