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seemingly / на вид, судя по виду, по-видимому
на вид
seemingly, outwardly
судя по виду
apparently, evidently, all appearance, all appearances, seemingly, clearly
so as to give the impression of having a certain quality; apparently.
a seemingly competent and well-organized person
it's touch-and-go, seemingly, and she's asking for you
The list of top sportspeople to grace Glasgow events is seemingly endless.
What lay outside the walls was a seemingly endless view of woodland and rolling hilltops.
Other than the odd tuft of sea grass, we were surrounded by seemingly endless sand.
We were inundated with new products in a seemingly endless cavalcade of astonishing innovations.
The council also provide a seemingly endless programme of free festivals and firework displays.
Tiny took us along the seemingly endless corridors to the gate at the end and he opened it for us.
This year it also finds the country in the leaden grip of a seemingly endless process of mourning.
Gala's plight has not been helped by a seemingly endless rotation of coaches.
His eureka moment came during one of the seemingly endless group sessions.