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seedy / потрепанный, наполненный семенами, поношенный
имя прилагательное
shabby, battered, seedy, old, shot, elder
наполненный семенами
shabby, ragged, old, frayed, bare, seedy
имя прилагательное
sordid and disreputable.
his seedy affair with a soft-porn starlet
she felt weak and seedy
The narrative of Gatsby's downfall poignantly exposes the seedy underbelly of the American dream.
There aren't many homes that make you feel you're both the tightly corseted heroine of a romantic costume drama and a lady of the night about to embark on a seedy affair.
Most of the movie takes place in dark, seedy bars, and for the most part the black level is dark and shadows are well defined, while in other scenes the darker areas appear reddish and indistinct.
Meanwhile, Ona is discovering the seedy underside of her workplace.
The seedy underbelly of what was otherwise a fabulous meal was the pudding.
Stationed in Boston Father Smith is drawn into the seedy underworld of cockfighting.
I drank away the fear and excitement in a seedy bar in downtown San Salvador.
One of the most notorious spots for the homeless is Market Street - a seedy section of strip bars, liquor stores and boarded up shops where dozens of junkies, drunks and other street people make the sidewalk their home.
True, we're located in a dilapidated strip mall in a seedy part of town, but people have cars, don't they?
Uncle Vernon had taken a wrong turn and they'd ended up in a pretty seedy area.