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seedless / бессемянный, бескосточковый
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
denoting a fruit that has no seeds.
seedless grapes
Take a seedless green grape and cut it almost in half, leaving the halves connected by a bit of skin.
We also dipped and dried our own prunes and figs, made raisins from seedless grapes, and dried the walnut crop in the fall for winter storage.
Since bananas are seedless , they do not rely on the germination of seeds to propagate themselves.
Good paste tomatoes are seedless , meaty, and on the dry side - qualities that also tailor them perfectly to sauces and sun-drying.
Popcorn, dried figs, fresh cranberries, seedless grapes, or thick slices of a fresh orange can be strung into garlands and hung onto the higher boughs.
The crisper drawer contains two apples, a bag of black seedless grapes, and a bulb of garlic.
The grape joins a series of top-quality red, white and black seedless grapes developed by this expert team.
Cloning sheep would thus resemble the mass production of seedless oranges: genetic engineering designed to increase the pleasure and value humans get from property.
Strange notions take over your mind when you've only had four hours of sleep and so I picked up seedless grapes, a cucumber and a coconut.
Most cultivated bananas are seedless , but the memories of seeds remain as brown specks within the flesh.