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seeder / сеялка, сеятель, рабочий на сеялке
имя существительное
seeder, sowing machine, seeding machine, sower
sower, seeder, seedsman
рабочий на сеялке
имя существительное
a machine for sowing seed mechanically.
When seeding into a tilled seedbed, band seeders with press wheels are an excellent choice.
a plant that produces seeds in a particular way or under particular conditions.
a beautiful, hardy annual self-seeder
it has a reputation as a free seeder
We are making a new seeder that will allow you to plant rows together in the greenhouse, so you can get maximum use out of it.
To speed the planting pace, the family bought into a host of new technology with the seeder .
The fine straight lines radiating outward are remnants of the little furrows left by a seed drill or an air seeder .
We use a small electric seeder , but you can do it by hand.
Sow from August to October (the end of August is great) using an Earthway seeder or hand throw.
The Student Organic Farm uses a four-row pinpoint seeder .
He seeds grass and clover with a spinner seeder mounted on an ATV.
One is the traditional pattern of planting in which the tractor-drawn seeder is driven back and forth along the field, up and down every row.
Up-front wheels can sometimes lift the seeder too far from the earth.