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seed / семя, семена, зерно
имя существительное
seed, semen, seminal fluid
corn, grain, seed, kernel, granule, berry
progeny, seed, posterity, breed, issue, generation
source, spring, origin, fountain, fount, seed
sow, seed, disseminate, inseminate, garble, seminate
sow, seed, inoculate, crop
идти в семя
ронять семена
имя существительное
a flowering plant's unit of reproduction, capable of developing into another such plant.
The proportion of flowers and ovules that develop into fruits and seeds in flowering plants rarely reaches 1.
any of a number of stronger competitors in a sports tournament who have been assigned a specified position in an ordered list with the aim of ensuring that they do not play each other in the early rounds.
he knocked the top seed out of the championships
sow (land) with seeds.
the shoreline is seeded with a special grass
(of a plant) produce or drop seeds.
mulches encourage many plants to seed freely
remove the seeds from (vegetables or fruit).
stem and seed the chilies
give (a competitor) the status of seed in a tournament.
Jeff Tarango, seeded five, was defeated by fellow American Todd Witsken
In more trials with indigenous plants, his immediate challenge was to amass sufficient quantities of seed so that large areas might be replanted.
This became the 21st straight tournament without a 16th seed winning a game.
This is an awfully tough game for a top seed (after the USA won its group) coming into the quarter-finals.
he knocked the top seed out of the championships
The plots' nine species are based on surveys of what northeastern dairy farmers use to seed their grazing lands.
While the field is not as strong, it's no different from 1999 when Woods was the only seed remaining after three rounds.
stem and seed the chillies
Honeychurch entered the tournament as the top seed .
It plans to supply $15,000 in grass seed and other funds to boost conservation efforts in Illinois and Iowa.
In an NCAA tournament with more than 2,000 teams, the top seed would probably lose on a buzzer beater eventually.