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sedulous / прилежный, усердный, старательный
имя прилагательное
diligent, studious, hard-working, industrious, sedulous, assiduous
diligent, hard, zealous, assiduous, industrious, sedulous
diligent, studious, painstaking, willing, careful, sedulous
имя прилагательное
(of a person or action) showing dedication and diligence.
he watched himself with the most sedulous care
He was the most sedulous flycatcher in American history, and by long odds the most successful.
Certainly, no one should think about playing the sedulous ape to him.
There are no tasks which require the conscientious and painstaking effort of sedulous monographers.
The Kirk's most senior staff, such as its principal clerk and its general treasurer (both of them sedulous and diligent men) have no control over these boards and departments.
As nationalist iconographer, Rivera touted progressive agendas he deemed crucial to Mexico's future and linked the nation's twentieth-century wherewithal to the savvy, science, and sedulity of its ‘high’ ancestral civilizations.
Not doubting that this was really the shadow of the planet, I immediately applied myself sedulously to observe it.
Clearly in light of the comments throughout, the element of confidentiality is essential to the maintenance of the relationship and is one which the community wishes to sedulously foster.
In our accelerated world of time, we seek desperately to harness whatever we can and try even harder to use it sedulously .
He combined cultural Englishness with political cosmopolitanism, and detested political personality cults while sedulously cultivating a public image of himself.
Despite the mythology, sedulously disseminated by the complicit Scottish media, there never was a pro-devolution consensus.