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seduction / соблазн, совращение, обольщение
имя существительное
temptation, lure, seduction, allurement, enticement, honeypot
seduction, allurement, inveiglement, blandishment
имя существительное
the action of seducing someone.
if seduction doesn't work, she can play on his sympathy
she was planning a seduction
Control over others, through processes of possession, domination, and seduction , are the main mechanisms at work here.
A magazine editor who has lived in Hollywood for many years, he has witnessed first-hand how corrupting seduction can be.
This is no lesson in morality, but an invitation to seduction .
There is a difference between lechery and seduction .
A valuable weapon in the armoury of seduction , it covers a multitude of sins, including wrinkles and blemishes.
The four players skilfully acted out very different scenes, playing with universal images of rejection, seduction and romance.
if seduction doesn't work, she can play on his sympathy
she was planning a seduction
Whether it was Halloween or Christmas, she always had a bright, toothy smile on her face and the look of sheer seduction in her eyes.