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seduce / соблазнять, совратить, совращать
tempt, seduce, lure, entice, allure, court
seduce, pervert, abuse, debauch
attract (someone) to a belief or into a course of action that is inadvisable or foolhardy.
they should not be seduced into thinking that their success ruled out the possibility of a relapse
The samurai wants to seduce the cute girl but she rejects his advances.
Perhaps she would completely seduce him in the next week.
What he doesn't do is seduce the audience with his nihilistic charm.
I made most of the phone calls to get people into the movie and didn't try to seduce anyone.
The delicate layers of percussion, viola, double bass, trumpet and flugelhorn soothe and seduce the ears, but it's Williams' tender vocals that lull the listener into submission.
To begin with, he relies on the sound of language to seduce the reader.
I heard a rumor, freshman year, that he once tried to seduce every single female teacher in the school.
He sets out to seduce Judy, the most attractive young woman in sight.
In every romance, every relationship, one is seduced .
The girl had never so easily seduced a man.