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sector / сектор, участок, часть
имя существительное
sector, segment, quadrant, department, desk
site, area, region, sector, piece, district
part, portion, piece, section, proportion, sector
имя прилагательное
sector, sectorial
имя существительное
an area or portion that is distinct from others.
The belt of southern sectors from Sectors 31 to 49 and Sectors 20, 21, 22 and 23 were affected.
the plane figure enclosed by two radii of a circle or ellipse and the arc between them.
For example, Figure 4a shows three such rings formed from the sectors and rectangle in Figure 3a.
a mathematical instrument consisting of two arms hinged at one end and marked with sines, tangents, etc., for making diagrams.
He also learned on his own how to use a compass, sector , and other instruments to make astronomical predictions, including that of eclipses.
What initiatives has the Government implemented to build capacity in the Maori tourism business sector ?
the government aimed to reassure the industrial and commercial sector
The manufacturing sector of the economy is likely to continue its relative economic decline.
And the vastness of this market is not lost on the world's solar energy technology sector .
Computer maker Dell has boosted the tech sector by raising its third-quarter revenue guidance to $9.1 billion.
So far this year, the retail sector has accounted for 14 percent of all job growth.
Smith described the fighting in the southern sector as heavy with ‘lots of casualties’ among al-Qaida forces.
The negatives are related to the US, where rival luxury goods firms have been cutting prices - which is not the done thing in this portion of the sector .
If we are to deliver sustainable growth for the bottom mussel sector will need the sector itself to be part of the decision making process.
The search is complete: the hard disk knows what sector , on what track, on what platter the data resides.