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sectional / секционный, разборный, звеньевой
имя прилагательное
demountable, collapsible, dismountable, sectional, movable, portable
имя прилагательное
of or relating to a section or subdivision of a larger whole.
a sectional championship
имя существительное
a sofa made in sections that can be used separately as chairs.
Meanwhile, cowering on the leather sectionals , bewildered parents plead to the camera for a nanny intervention.
Some eight years down the road, it is important that vocal sectional interests do not blind the community to reforms that are in the public interest.
Since Southerners stopped fighting the Civil War and joined their conservative brethren in the GOP, sectional differences have become meaningless in America.
Local qualifying at more than 100 sites begins May 12, while sectional qualifying at 13 sites is from June 7-8.
That does not mean that slavery was irrelevant or insignificant, but without an understanding of the sectional power relationships at stake we can be led to overstate its importance.
This flagellate is surrounded by fungal hyphae (thin arrows), which appear in different sectional planes each as a bright central core with surrounding halo.
Families have a permanent base to park their caravans or erect sectional buildings.
In the 5th and final round of the sectional play-offs in the women's bowling championships in Port Elizabeth today, they beat East London Club by 19 shots to 15.
Many different languages were spoken, and a multitude of sectional hatreds were combined in troubled cacophony.
The election campaign has highlighted the fracturing of Fijian politics and government institutions along racial, regional and sectional lines.
The core of work in higher education cannot be sacrificed for individual or sectional interests.