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sectarian / сектант, фанатик
имя существительное
sectarian, sectary, dissenter, dissident, nonconformist
fanatic, zealot, bigot, devotee, sectarian, crazy
имя прилагательное
sectarian, denominational, dissident
limited, bounded, restricted, confined, finite, sectarian
narrow, tight, restricted, contracted, parochial, sectarian
имя прилагательное
denoting or concerning a sect or sects.
ethnic and sectarian differences
имя существительное
a member of a sect.
This, and not the subventions of hegemonic states, is what will ultimately defeat both the secular tyrannies and the religious sectarians .
The truth is that the Orange Order can no longer parade in a nakedly sectarian and triumphalist fashion.
There is no room for petty insularity and sectarian nonsense - the Scots must see themselves as nimble enough to change and take on the world's best.
Even amid the worst sectarian violence, boxers here had a kind of diplomatic immunity.
On Baghdad's streets, rumors are rife about renegade ministry of interior death squads, carrying out sectarian killings.
Occasionally, sectarian concerns discouraged both Protestants and Catholics from attending branches.
Where sectarian activity can be proven among a club's support you suspend the club's licence.
Random sectarian killings slowed and more IRA men were bumped off.
By implication, black feminism is cast as sectarian in comparison with radical or socialist feminism.
Each religion educates its young in a sectarian way, for religionists believe that to learn one specific path is sufficient and necessary.
Well first of all I don't think of religion at all in sectarian terms.