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sect / секта
имя существительное
sect, persuasion
имя существительное
a group of people with somewhat different religious beliefs (typically regarded as heretical) from those of a larger group to which they belong.
Christians had gone astray and corrupted the God's scriptures by dividing into different sects and beliefs.
Now: imagine that X is not a religion, but a sect within a religion.
I have visions of his being arrested and incarcerated indefinitely by the Americans, or joining a fundamentalist Sunni sect .
Later, the contemplation on the nine stages became associated with the Zen sect that focused on meditation practice.
the radical sect Friends of the Earth campaigned against aerosols containing CFC gases
But his lecture was mainly aimed at a powerful sect called the middle-class liberals.
One sect believes gay marriage is against religion, so ban it.
Christianity originated in the Middle East and was originally a sect of Judaism.
The dystopian political program of this utterly marginal, extremist sect has absolutely no traction with anyone of significance.
Did you know that Hasidic Jews are considered a mystical sect of Judaism?
First, liberalism is the American sect of the international religion of socialism.