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secretive / скрытный, замкнутый
имя прилагательное
secretive, cagey, reserved, reticent, secret, close
closed, close, enclosed, withdrawn, reserved, secretive
имя прилагательное
(of a person or an organization) inclined to conceal feelings and intentions or not to disclose information.
she was very secretive about her past
The best of these shows a beautiful woman with a mysterious, secretive expression.
Bailey smiled this secretive grin and then nodded.
He became highly secretive and delved further and further into the criminal world.
She is secretive about her past and we do not pressure her to reveal it.
Now that's led to people saying we're secretive and that we're close mouthed.
Well we both know that it's not there for that, but I can't beat them up, so I get back at them a different and more secretive way.
Staff at Camp Bondsteel rarely venture outside the compound and their activities are secretive .
Williamson was notoriously secretive about his creation and no contemporary plan of the whole network survives.
The Merchant Company is known for being a secretive organisation.
I'm simply not a particularly secretive person.