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secrete / выделять, прятать, укрывать
emit, distinguish, give out, secrete, set off, exhale
hide, conceal, bury, secrete, stow away, stash
harbor, cover, shelter, conceal, shield, secrete
(of a cell, gland, or organ) produce and discharge (a substance).
insulin is secreted in response to rising levels of glucose in the blood
conceal; hide.
the assets had been secreted in Swiss bank accounts
Macrophage cells secrete chemicals that can dissolve bone under an implant.
Follicle cells also secrete the materials of the vitelline envelope and eggshell that surround the mature egg.
The matchstick-like cells secrete a liquid which protects the brain and spinal cord from impacts.
Human sebaceous glands secrete a lipid mixture of mainly triglycerides, wax esters, free fatty acids, and squalene.
Secretory diarrhea occurs when the large bowel secrete fluid and electrolytes into the lumen.
Certain bacteria in contaminated food or water can release a toxin that causes your intestinal cells to secrete salt and water.
The glands secrete parathyroid hormone, which is the primary regulator of calcium homeostasis.
Tadpole pituitaries secrete thyroid-stimulating hormone in response to CRH.
Hardly had we secreted ourselves when we spied a flotilla of a Roman expeditionary force sailing hard upstream.
In Drosophila species, the male accessory gland secretes seminal fluids transferred to the female during copulation.