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secretariat / секретариат, должность секретаря
имя существительное
secretariat, secretariate
должность секретаря
clerkship, secretariat, secretariate
имя существительное
a permanent administrative office or department, especially a governmental one.
The parties in every country have their own special women's committees, secretariats and bureaus.
Uzbekistan joined in June 2001, when the body was restructured with a permanent secretariat headquartered in Beijing.
Significantly, neither the government information ministry nor the presidential secretariat has responded to criticisms of the raid.
Every two years, one member country hosts the council's secretariat , assuming the costs of its operation.
This group would have its own budget, secretariat , council of ministers, and parliamentary assembly.
Plantlife International hosts the secretariat for Planta Europa, the network of organisations working for plant conservation across Europe.
The spokesman said the bureau had made arrangements to provide secretariat and administrative support to the panel.
His successor at the peace secretariat is expected to be appointed after Sri Lanka's presidential election on Nov.17.
The group's secretariat is usually provided by an outside body, either an NGO or a consultancy.
The Parliament is helped by a large secretariat of approximately 3,500 staff, headed by a Secretary-General.
Santa's national secretariat is embroiled in several disputes with other Santa hospitals throughout the country.